JF Language Selection module

This module is a drop-in replacement for JoomFish's mod_jflanguageselection module.

It contains two important improvements:

  1. Exclude named languages from being shown in the language selector.
    There may be reasons why you want to have a language installed on the system, but not showing in the selector on certain pages. In the module editing screen you can give a comma-separated list of short language codes to exclude from display.
  2. Bug-fix to SEF URLs when MetaTemplate (free or Pro) changes the Active Menu.
    When MetaTemplate changes the active menu, this confused the standard Joom!Fish translation module. This modified version of the module fixes the bug.

Note: You need MetaTemplate (free or Pro) version 1.14 and up to fix the Active Menu issue.


# Documents Downloads Size MB Created Modified
1 JF Language Selection module 2.1.5-MT
Version 2.1.5-MT, based on the original 2.1.5 version from www.joomfish.net.

This version works with or without MetaTemplate (free or Pro), but if you are using MetaTemplate you should upgrade to at least MetaTemplate v1.14 to make best use of this.
5242 0.021969 14.06.2011 14.06.2011