Enable Content Languages

A tiny Joomla system plugin that sets the HTML "lang" and "xml:lang" attributes for any content article that has a language set. It does not change the entire page, just sets the correct language definition in the <html> tag.

If a corresponding front-end language pack has been installed, various labels on the page (e.g. "next page") will be translated into the target language. This makes EnableContentLanguages ideal for making small numbers of extra pages in alternative languages on your Joomla site, without needing to install a complete JoomlaFish (or other) translation management system.

To use:

  • After installation, go to Extensions - Plugin Manager and ensure that "System - Enable Content Languages" is Enabled.
  • Find and install the Joomla language pack for the language you want your page to be in. Language packs can be found here.
  • Create your Joomla Content (article) in the desired language, then in the "Parameters (Advanced)" section on the right side of the window, select the language of the contents from the drop-down list.
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Release 1.0 of the "Enable Content Languages" plugin for Joomla 1.5.
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