DynaBar is a dynamic bar that anchors itself to the top or bottom of your web page and scrolls along with your page.

It has a second mode that allows “fixed” positioning in your browser window (i.e. doesn’t jump around as you scroll).

DynaBar is a resurrected version of Dinabar, originally written by Andrea S. at joomlovers.net. Unfortunately their web site/business has been discontinued, leaving DinaBar orphaned.

This new version is a cleaned-up version of the original, with more options, and the “fixed” window position option.

Dynabar, like Dinabar, is released under the GPL.

# Documents Downloads Size MB Created Modified
1 DynaBar 1.4
A revamped version of Dinabar.

^ new "fixed" mode that anchors bar to top or bottom of screen with no "jumping" behaviour
^ added z-index parameter to make it easier to tweak for different pages
^ added module class suffix parameter
# cleaned up internal code
# simplified module inclusion (you no longer have to use the {loadposition position} syntax, and can specify more than one module position, comma-separated)
# made the link under the image to be optional. If you don't specify one, the image will not have a hyperlink
4373 0.018215 19.01.2010 19.01.2010
2 Dinabar 1.3
The original Dinabar as distributed by joomlovers.net.

No support is offered for this version - it is merely hosted as a convenience since the original source is no longer available.

The extension is under the GPL license.
2547 0.005119 19.01.2010 19.01.2010