Include HTML directly in MetaMod

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MetaMods are able to output raw HTML code. If you are using the basic time/date or GeoIP parameters from the MetaMod, then you can use these to control whether or not the raw HTML will be displayed – this saves having to create a Custom HTML module just for the purpose of outputting a bit of HTML.

Note: Content plugins don’t run in MetaMod output, so SEF URLs and other “replacements” may not work as expected (contact author or put a note into the forums if you would like this feature...).

if (some rules here...) return 45;
/* the next line (questionmark greater-than) is important.
 * Always put this before a block of html... */
<b>Here is my HTML code here. This will show if the previous rule fails</b><br />
<i>If there was no rule before this, then this HTML would display before any
   other modules were included, if any</i>
/* after the block of HTML you always have to put the preceding line, even if
 * that's the last line of the MetaMod PHP block.