Quick Start

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Basic configuration instructions for MetaMod on your Joomla! 1.5 installation. Please read carefully!

1. Set up a the module you want to display in a module position as normal

Except in the "Menu Assignment" section, next to "Menus", select the radio button marked “None”. The “position” you assign the module to at this point is irrelevant.

Alternative (MetaMod 2.0 and above): Instead of setting the Menu Assignment to “None”, you can set the Module Position to a new, unique module position, e.g. “right-metamod”. Put all the modules that you want to control together into that module position. See more instructions below.

2. Create a new MetaMod module

  • Give it the “position” you want it to appear in
  • Set “Published” to Yes
  • If you want to use basic date/time control, GeoIP controls or logged-in-user controls, take a note of the ID numbers of the modules you wish to include from the list provided. Then add the ID number(s) into the box marked “Quick module position or id include”.
  • If you want to use more complex “PHP”-based rules, don’t use the “Quick module position or id include” box. Just return the module ID number(s) that you want to include, from your block of PHP.

Alternative using Module Positions instead of IDs:

  • This works if you have assigned the modules that you want to include into a unique module position, e.g. “right-metamod”.
  • Give the MetaMod the “position” you want it to appear in
  • Set “Published” to Yes
  • Instead of entering the module ID into the “Quick module position or id include” box, enter the name of the module position to include, e.g. “right-metamod”
  • If/when the MetaMod decides to include the modules, it will include all the modules in that other position, into the position that the MetaMod is in. This makes it easy to change which modules are going to be included or excluded - just add or remove them from the “right-metamod” module position.


  • We have put a Poll, a Banner and a Newsflash module into the module position “right-metamod” which does not exist on our template
  • We set up our MetaMod in the “right” module position
  • We set up the MetaMod to include the “right-metamod” module position between 8AM and 9AM every day
  • Result: during that time, the Poll, Banner and Newsflash modules are displayed in the “right” module position.

3. That’s it

The original module you wanted to display will be displayed by MetaMod, on the page and module position specified by MetaMod, not the page and position specified by the original module.
If MetaMod is set to PUBLIC access, it can include modules that are set to REGISTERED or SPECIAL, but these will only display if the logged-in user has permissions to see them.
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