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Current versions of MetaMod Pro:

v2.12 Joomla 1.5 Oct 31, 2011
v3.31 Joomla 1.7-3.8 May 14, 2018

Existing customers: to download the latest version of MetaMod Pro:

  • Go to your “My Account” page
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Click on “View” next to your confirmed order
  • Scroll down past the invoice until you see the Order Items section
  • Click on to download it.

Why MetaMod Pro?

MetaMod is an amazing system that can transform how you use Joomla. Many users, however, have stumbled upon its achilles heel – when MetaMod includes other modules, it wraps them inside extra HTML. Also, even when a MetaMod is “empty” (containing no other modules), the empty MetaMod is still a valid, published module inside a module position. Many templates detect this and reserve space for the non-existent modules. This can cause unsightly gaps on your page, in just the positions where you wanted modules to disappear to free up extra space.

There are a number of techniques that can be used to get around the HTML and CSS issues caused by the wrapping issues, but until now there has been no elegant way to resolve the “reserved space” issues.

MetaMod Pro completely solves both issues. After installing MetaMod Pro, the modules included by MetaMod are placed directly onto the page without additional HTML wrapping. Furthermore, if a MetaMod includes no modules, it appears completely invisible to your template – your template will no longer reserve space for empty MetaMods!

metamod-small metamodpro
Price Free $US 30.00
Updates Free forever v2 series updates are free within Joomla 1.5
v3 series updates are free within Joomla 1.7-3.8
GeoIP control tick tick
Time and date-based control tick tick
Browser type and language-based control tick tick
User group-based control tick tick
Create your own PHP recipes tick tick
Requires modifications to template? sometimes never
Modules placed directly on page? Included modules are often wrapped in extra HTML which can lead to layout issues. tick Modules used with MetaMod Pro look exactly the same as when they are placed on the page statically in the usual Joomla manner.
What happens when a MetaMod does not include any other modules? The template always sees that there is a module published in that module position – the MetaMod. Even if this contains no other modules, the template may reserve space for the module, leaving a blank space on the page. This often happens on “left” and “right” module positions, depending on the template being used. If the MetaMod does not contain any modules, the template does not see any modules published into the module position. This means that the template will only reserve space for modules that are actually published, just as it would if the MetaMod was not used.
Dynamically change parameters of other modules on the page? MetaMod can only change the parameters of modules that are “returned” from a PHP rule, or included in the “Quick Module ID or Position Include” box. Attempted changes to any other modules on the page are ignored. MetaMod Pro can change the parameters of modules anywhere on the page, whether or not they are returned from the PHP rule.
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