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There's a big white space in my site where the MetaMod was - what should I do?

Date added:
Friday, 11 September 2009
Last revised:
Tuesday, 22 September 2009
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Many modern Joomla templates are very smart. They are able to detect if there are any modules published in a given module position for the current page, and if so, they dynamically alter the layout of the page to accommodate the published modules.

This is fine except when that published module is a MetaMod! What happens when your MetaMod rules tell the MetaMod to not include any other modules? Well, the MetaMod is still there, published, but without any contents.

And you get a big white space, or the background image and borders of a module, with no module content in it.


  1. Get MetaMod Pro. This plugin completely removes any empty MetaMods from the page, and they cannot trigger the template into allocating empty space. MetaMod Pro also alters the way that “included” modules are put onto the page. Instead of being inside the MetaMod like a wrapper, they get placed directly into the module position, with no additional HTML around them. Problem solved.
  2. Alternatively, you could make a “fallback” rule in your MetaMod rules, to include an alternative module if no other modules match. This is a chance to get creative with your design... perhaps some Google ads, a banner, advertisement, customer testimonials, etc.
  3. Alternatively, try to use a different module position for your modules; one that is able to collapse by itself when there’s no content in it. You should avoid left and right columns as templates frequently allocate space based on the presence of modules. Try a module position above or below the main content.