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variables between different joomla installations subdomains?

variables between different joomla installations subdomains?

Hi, thanks for the update to 2.23. Issues with rockettheme gantry seem to be solved.
Is the following possible?

I am setting up a combination of multisites using a joomla component called mightysites.

I have one main site with all the information on its database which the other sites use. Example: UK site (main site) with other joomla installations england, scotland, wales, Ireland setup as subdomains (which can be accessed using links such as www.unitedkingdom.com/england) etc.
The mightysites component can pass default template information but not parameters. For the purposes of accessibility, I would like to offer visitors the ability to set preferred template background color and keep this color throughout the other sites.

I have created and installed two variations of the same template with different names (dark/light)and using the chameleon rule system I have created a link that allows visitors to change and keep their color on one site only, However when they navigate to another site (i.e. england) they will have to set their color again.

If I manually change the default template in template manager then the other sites pick this up through the component mightysites.

Is it possible using chameleon to achieve my requirements?


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Re: variables between different joomla installations subdomains?

Hi Anjo,

can you post some info on how you set this up for changing the template on just 1 of the sites? That will give me a head start on how to implement it for all of them.

I assume that when you set a template using Chameleon, that it sets it irrespective of which sub-site you are on?


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Re: variables between different joomla installations subdomains?

Ok, each site is a replica of the main site and uses that database. I use  two master installations of rockettheme modulus+gantry template, which I have repacked and renamed modulus_dark and modulus_light. I also use FJrelated articles component, chameleon and mightysites.

I have created 2 rules on the main site

1st rule - set environment page url contains 'dark' set session variable A

2nd rule - quick rules session variable A set template style 'dark' stop processing

this works for one site only.

I then have a menu ('select your area') with links to the all the sites. This menu is replicated on all other installations so visitors can navigate back and forth (similar to a directory). All sites installations are under the same public_html folder and the setup is the same for all of them. The only thing that changes are the articles/info each of the replicated sites show, which becomes specific to each area. So uk.com will show all the articles however uk.com/england will only show articles and info from england.

Ideally I would have liked to do all of this under one installation of joomla but joomla doesn't allow multicategories.

When I tried this with one installation some links to articles forced the main template and menu to load, taking the visitor out of their area back to the main uk site. The only alternative would be to replicate each article and category for each area which would become a nightmare to manage.

Initially I hoped I could have used chameleon to force articles to load under the template and menu of the visitor's chosen area. But if this is possible it is beyond my very limited understanding of chameleon and code.

Hope my explanation makes sense.


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