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Modules on specific virtuemart 2.0 categories

Modules on specific virtuemart 2.0 categories

Ever get the feeling you are so close to making something work, but cant quite get there?

I've read several threads in regards to having a module only display on specific pages of virtuemart, but cant quite seem to get it to work (fully)...

I've downloaded the latest free version of Metamod for Joomla 1.7, and I'm using Virtuemart 2.0

I have a menu item which targets a specific category. clicking this menu item then takes you to a product list. This is the page that i want my module to display. When i click a product, the module continues to display on the product details page. So far i can only manage to make it display on EVERY virtuemart page, or NONE. sad

I have the module in question "unpublished" and the PHP scripts i have been trying to use DO work in calling it to the correct place, but it seems to be all or none.

Is something different in Virtuemart 2.0 or am i just failing?....

Kind Regards,


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Re: Modules on specific virtuemart 2.0 categories

Hi Hez,

I did quite a lot of work on the VM2.0 support for MetaMod a couple of months ago when it was still in Beta. I haven't yet gone through all the support to check it against the released version of VM2.0, so it's likely that there are changes required to make it all work properly.

Can you please post the PHP code that you're currently using in the MetaMod, to detect the category page? (I am guessing it's a category page, but if it's something different then please include info about that too).

This will just make it easier for me to debug and advise you.

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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