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Simple Template Switching

Simple Template Switching

Hey All - Basic question. I have over 100 Joomla templates I would like to show on my site, and I would like just to have a visitor click on a menu link (or linked thumbnail) and have the site template change based on the link. (A template gallery, in other words)

So, the logic would be something like this.

If Link 1, then Site Template 1
If Link 2, then Site Template 2


I started by setting up subdomains for each link - 1.mysite.com for Template 1 etc -- with each simply directing back to the root, as I want all site pages to change with each template switch; and I thought I could use the subdomains to identify individual templates. However, I can see how to switch up to four templates using the A-D variables, but I need to link many more templates.

Is there a simple recipe I could use to achieve the above?

Thanks in advance!

PS Using J1.7 with Chameleon 2-22 Pro
PPS I saw a forum reference to a video that would show how to ceate a template gallery, but I can't find the thing.

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Re: Simple Template Switching

Hi daxue,

those are good questions.

Can I just check with you: are you still wanting to do this based on domain name? If so, you don't need to use the variables. It's pretty easy to set things up with multiple variables if you do want to do it that way, using cookies.

However, with 100 templates, I am sure you'll be adding even more, and the task of managing the system is going to be crucial. If it's purely template switching with a front-end module that you need to do, have you tried "Template Selector" from the Joomla Extensions directory? http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions … ating/7466

If that's not suitable I can certainly advise on some ways of achieving this with Chameleon.

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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