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MetaMod Menu and IE Compatability Issues

MetaMod Menu and IE Compatability Issues

I've tried to make use of MetaMod to show one menu for non-logged in users and then when logged in let Joomla switch to its default menu provided by a template, and I have been very satisfied with the results. Everything works really well in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. However, I have some issues with Internet Explorer where the menu container is duplicated. I cannot seem to get my head around this. I would highly appreciate any input from the forum regarding this.

I run Joomla 1.5.23 and MetaMod 2.11 on http://therotarynetwork.com/

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Re: MetaMod Menu and IE Compatability Issues

Hi mala3723,

I had a look at your site in IE, and see that there's a minor layout issue in IE. The text in the menu is slightly offset downwards, by 4px.

Does this layout problem occur when the menu is *not* in a MetaMod? i.e. can you confirm that it's fine when included normally on the page, but offset when it's inside MetaMod?

If that's the case, then it's very likely that MetaMod Pro would solve the problem. MetaMod Pro ensures that the HTML produced with or without MetaMod involved will be exactly the same. This would solve the problem.

If the problem is *not* related to whether or not MetaMod is involved, then it's a pure IE display problem.

I had a quick look at the CSS/HTML and see that inside the menu's HTML structure, there are 2 main divs. The first has a class of "nopill" and contains an empty "ul" element (with no "li" elements inside it). It's this that is causing the 4px offset in IE. I don't know what that element actually does since it does not contain any visible elements. Perhaps it can be deleted, or a style of "display:none" added?

Hope that helps,

Stephen Brandon
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