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Parked Domain Routing

Parked Domain Routing

Stephen - I have two URL going to the same server.

SpeedwayEntertainmentGroup.com is the root, SpringportMotorSpeedway.com is the parked URL.

They way my server handles this in a nutshell, a parked domain is a "ServerAlias" line in the apache VirtualHost config for that site, so that the website is served with the alias instead of the ServerName.

i.e. addondomain.maindomain.com would be the ServerName, while www.addondomain.com is the ServerAlias.

So..  I have set my site up so I have an SEG section and categories which relate specifically to it..  and I have an SMS section and categories which relate specifically to it..   We also have a GEN section which includes items which both SEG and SMS might use.

When a visitor comes to our site using SpeedwayEntertainmentGroup.com, they are served the SEG.com/index.php page..  which is the default Front Page for Joomla.  They get the Blue Template version of our template. 

If a person types SpringportMotorSpeedway.com into the browser, they also get the same index.php page, but it says sms.com/index.php rather then seg.com/index.php

What I wanted to have happen is, when a person typed in SpringportMotorSpeedway.com into the browser, that they would get the Red Template version of our template and be delivered to http://www.springportmotorspeedway.com/ … edway.html

That is only kind of happening right now..   as you can see if you visit the above URL's

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Re: Parked Domain Routing

Hi pmcnamara,

sorry it's taken a few days to get back to you on this... can you please confirm if you're still having a problem with this?

It doesn't appear that the template switching is taking place. That should be the easiest part of it - just make your first rule detect the relevant domain, and set the template using the succeed action. It looks like you've successfully removed some menu items on the SEG site, and the default page is different for both, so I guess most of it is working now?


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