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presales question regarding user based modules

presales question regarding user based modules


first of all, thanks for this extension. It looks great.
I have read a couple of posts, threads and recipes but just wanted to make sure that I can achieve my task with MetaModPro and that I understood the function correctly. Sorry if this creates a double post.

I want to purchase MetaModPro and use it with Joomla 1.7.

My task (just a plan, dev will start in a few weeks):
I have a menu with some entries. One of them is only for registered users.
I want to create different user groups.The registered users will be manually created by request and added to these groups. The groups will have only read permissions. This can be achieved by Joomla standard stuff. So far so good.

Now when the user clicks on the link after he is logged in a module will be loaded. I don't know for now if it's going do be put in an article via loadposition or Modules Anywhere or if it's going to be positioned in a special module position. Is both possible?
This loaded module is going to be a module that shows an image gallery.
What I want is that depending on the group or set of groups and/or an individual user a different module is loaded. And only that one.
So that I can customize which galleries each user sees when he is logged in.

Last but not least, what is the benefit of combining MetaModPro with Peters Advanced Module Manager?

Thank you very much.

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Re: presales question regarding user based modules

Hi BruceLee,

Since you're doing a lot with custom group levels already, shouldn't it be possible to just use the standard controls when editing a module, to specify that "this module is only to be viewed by group X"?

It should be possible to set up some quite complex group situations in J1.7.

If however that's too complicated, then yes, MetaMod could allow you some more precise control, e.g. for something like "if user is in group X and not in group Y, or is user id Z, then show module ABC".

MetaMod will work happily with {loadposition} in an article, or with Modules Anywhere.

Regarding Advanced Module Manager: that's a great product, but takes a slightly different approach to putting modules onto a page. AMM basically gives you more conditions when you are editing a module, which is useful.

MetaMod works a little differently. It works at the level of the position, like this: "In this particular place on the site, which modules should be included?". Therefore you can do things like including more than 1 module based on the same rule, or setting a "fallback" module ("if certain conditions are met, use module "A", else use module "B"), or even choosing a different module each time someone hits the page. Some of those things are very hard or impossible to achieve with AMM.


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Re: presales question regarding user based modules

Thanks a lot for your quick and informative reply.
I'm still not sure how the project will evolute. Therefore it is great that I can rely on MetaMod if J1.7 onboard capabilities aren't enough.
You helped me a lot by giving me these infos.


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