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not detecting shop.cart?

not detecting shop.cart?

Hi, love meta template (chameleon)

I downloaded latest version before logging this -

I cannot get it to detect shop.cart page - I've tried so many things.

the url in my bar is - http://www.ecocamel.com/index.php?optio … =shop.cart   (after you log in on the checkout page, it reloads the page, but without the left menu - so I'm trying to use metatemplate to force showing the left menu, by getting it to redirect to a menu item that has the module assigned... but it will not detect it and redirect!

I'm fairly sure I'm doing it right...but I do have a one page checkout installed which may be affecting it. But, the fact it says shop.cart in the bar, you would think it would detect it..

It only occurs when you log in to an account on the checkout/basket page. When clicking 'view basket/ checkout' link in the header, it loads it with the left menu.

Is there something I can test? Need some help please...love it otherwise. It is working on another rule, detecting US ip addresses and serving them a different homepage... so it seems to be working.. just not the VM aspect.

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Re: not detecting shop.cart?

Hi fewleh,

I just uploaded a new version of Chameleon and ChameleonLite - can you try again with this most recent version?

I fixed an error in it relating to detecting the page type, when the page is a menu item, and that menu item has forced a particular "page" (e.g. shop.cart). I wonder if that was the problem on your site?

Please let me know if this does not fix it, and please include the version number of Chameleon or ChameleonLite that you are using.


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