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Show only the info for an X Country

Show only the info for an X Country

I have a Joomla-Jfusion-Jomsocial-SMF powered site.

Most of the people who enter are from Argentina, but I also get visits from Mexico and Spain, however most of them go away because they see the site filled with info from the users of Argentina (forum posts, groups, users).

Can I use metamod and/or Chameleon to show i.e to a user in Mexico only Mexican created content/users?
I mean to show them only the users from Mexico and the content generated from the users in Mexico?

Best regards,

Best regards,

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Re: Show only the info for an X Country

Hi Carla,

Unfortunately neither Chameleon nor MetaMod will give a complete and simple answer to this. If you want to filter what content appears on any given page, then the component that is controlling that page would have to be modified. Chameleon/MetaMod can't magically do that.


One way to approach this would be for you to make 2 alternative front pages. One would be your current front page, and the other would be almost identical except that it would use whatever filtering you have available in SMF/JFusion/JomSocial to target the page more towards Mexico/Spain.

You would put this 2nd page in the main menu right after the 1st front page.

Then, use Chameleon to detect if the viewer is from Mexico/Spain. If they are, then it can disable the 1t menu item, and set the 2nd menu item as the "default" page (home page). If they are not from Mexico/Spain, then use it to disable the 2nd menu item.

In that way, you're essentially using a different home page for people from each country.

Might that work for you? It all depends on whether you can use your existing tools to make up a page (component and modules) that is better suited to people from a particular country.


Stephen Brandon
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