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Non-logged in users only, not working

Non-logged in users only, not working

Page Identification
The PHP code below may be used to help MetaMod to identify the exact page that you are viewing. For help using this feature, please click here.
if (
$option == 'com_content'
and $view == 'category'
and $id == '57'
and $Itemid == '1'
and JRequest::getVar('limit') == 2 /*!*/
and JRequest::getVar('layout') == 'blog' /*!*/
) return XXX; /* replace XXX with the module ID or position to display */
Note: lines starting with "and" and ending with /*!*/ contain rules that may be optional. You may wish to leave them out.
MetaMod debug info:
Module ID: 284
$option: com_content
$view: category
$id: 57
$Itemid: 1
$timezone: default
$language: en-us
$language_code: en
$language_region: us
Non-logged-in users only; a logged-in user was found.

Above is the advanced debug.

I want to display the login link only to non-registered users, while registered will have logout. I didn't even come to the point where the login would show only to non-logged in users.

I have set the login module to show on NO menus in the menu asignment.

Aditional notes:

When they click the login button a new popup window opens for them to sign in.
If I try it without metamod the button opens a popup that has a LOGIN form, if I'm already LOGED IN it will show a button to LOGOUT. If I enable metamod and am already logged in the popup window will show but have no content.

It seems it doesn't work only on that position. I've tried it with the login form I have on the left and it works on that.

Please help its really frustrating


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Re: Non-logged in users only, not working

Hi Tom,

sorry it's taken a week to get back to you. I've had flu all week.

Can we go back to basics for a moment and track what you're trying to do here?

1 - assuming they are not logged in, I guess you are showing a module that has a login button on it. This is controlled by a MetaMod, correct?

So, the MetaMod above will probably have the module id number of the login module in the "Quick module id or position include" box.

Is that part of it working properly?

2 - in order to show a "logout" module only when a user is logged in, you don't even need MetaMod for that. All you need is to assign a logout module to the page in the normal way, except set the "access level" to "Registered" (that's one of the standard Joomla module options on the left of the screen).

What I don't get is what the popup window is about, and where it comes from. Is that a replacement login module that's part of your template or something?


Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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