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Can metamod change the content

Can metamod change the content

I'm using Joomla 1.5 but I plan to upgrade to 1.6 and the last version of Metamod.

I have a community powered by Jomsocial and SMF (forum) where the main page is the forum.

Can I redirect the user to Jomsocial and hide menu items regarding to the users country? 
Can I show different part of the forums regarding to the users Country?

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Re: Can metamod change the content

Hi Carla,

This is a case where I think I'd use MetaTemplate Pro as well as MetaMod. Both products have different strengths - and hiding menu items is something that MetaTemplate is good at. In fact it's one of the few ways to hide menu items in Joomla.

MetaTemplate Pro can then form the basis of the logic for your site. You would set up a rule to detect a certain country, then in the "Succeed action" you would set a series of menu items to hide when someone is from that country.

It's also easy to set up the conditions under which a user would be redirected to a different page, again based on their country, but including what page they are currently on.

An alternative to that would be that if you are from a particular country, then you'd set a different page as the "home page" (aka Default Menu Item). That way you don't actually do a redirect, but if you're from a particular country the home page is simply the JomSocial page instead of the forum. Now, that's only going to work if the menu item is to a standard Joomla component, not an external link. I take it you're using some sort of Joomla bridge to SMF Forum? If you are then hopefully that will work ok.

The last part is the most difficult: showing different parts of the forum to different people. MetaMod and MetaTemplate aren't really going to help with that much, as it's going to rely on some coding within the forum itself. Given that it's not Joomla-native, I really can't offer any advice on that. I'd also be surprised if the bridge (if you're using one) would offer the opportunity to customise which parts of the forum are available, but you might be lucky.

Hope that helps,

Stephen Brandon
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