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virtuemart cart module redirect

virtuemart cart module redirect


I am a complete beginner on all of this so sorry if I am missing the obvious.

I am using Virtuemart 1.1.5 and Joomla 1.5.20 I have also just purchase Meta Template Pro.

My problem is that the normal content pages are using a different template to the Virtuemart pages. I have managed to get MTP to stop the problem of Virtuemart diverting back to the default template through some of the checkout process. However, I am also using the Cart module which appears on every page and if a user clicks on the 'show cart' from the module on a content page, Virtuemart appears in the default content page template not the assigned template for just Virtuemart.

How do I stop this from happening and I also want the 'show cart' to redirect to the actual Virtuemart cart URL not the content item ID URL which I think is the main problem?

Many thanks

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Re: virtuemart cart module redirect

Hi firefly,

when you mentioned "the assigned template for just Virtuemart", can I ask how you assigned it? Did you do that with MetaTemplate Pro, or through the normal template assignment to the VirtueMart menu item?

I'm going to assume that you used the normal template assignment to the VirtueMart menu item. The behaviour you are seeing is typical of Virtuemart modules - they often send the user to the virtuemart component without using the correct Itemid (which is used to identify which Menu Item the page is associated with).

This is nice and easy to fix with MetaTemplate Pro.

1 - make a new MTP rule. Name it.
2 - In the "components" selector, choose "com_virtuemart".
3 - In the "succeed action", choose the template that you want to use for all Virtuemart pages, and save the rule.

Now your VM template will be used for *every* VM page on your site, not just the ones attached to the VM menu item.

Since you have MetaTemplate Pro, you also have some controls for targeting individual types of VM pages, if you want to. e.g. you could use a different template just for the checkout process - up to you.

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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