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When will a manual be made available?

When will a manual be made available?

I'm still waiting for a manual if at all possible. Since I'm not a techie - more of a wannabe - it would help enormously if a manual was made available on samples of using PHP to use a different templates; and samples consisting of how to use all of the features of this component product. I bought it months ago and am still in bewilderment on some uses of it. 

I saw the screencast on directing an URL to a template and keeping the user at the template for the entire session but right now, I want to figure out how to get my menu items onto an uncategorized article page. I got a template showing on the page but none of the menus are showing on that page.

It would be nice if you had a manual detailing how to use the Environment section.

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Re: When will a manual be made available?

I hear you. I can only apologise and cite a heavy workload at the moment...

Regarding menus showing up on a page in a new template - I wonder if this is simply because the module positions are different on the 2 templates? Your original one might have your menu showing up in a position called "top", whereas the new one might not have a module position called "top" at all (it might me "advert1" or something else, in roughly the same position).

If that's the case then you'll need to edit the second template manually (sorry to say - hacking through the template's index.php and possibly other files in the template) to find and change the name of the module position so that the 2 templates match.

Do you think that could be the problem? If the template is being switched then MetaTemplate is doing its job, but the naming and positioning of module positions, and matching these between 2 different templates, is a different matter (and out of the scope of MetaTemplate).

Hope that might help,

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