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Modules displaying horizontally?

Modules displaying horizontally?

Currently using MModPro to display GeoIP-relevant modules in a header on www.djgoofywhitekid.com.  The current implementation on that template has two separate module positions side-by-side, so the left is pulling in two GeoIP-relevant image modules vertically with a MMPro instance, and the right is pulling in a GeoIP-relevant JEvents module with another MMPro instance. 

I'm now migrating to a new template, and the corresponding template modules only support vertical module positioning.  I've tried joining the two separate modules with yet another MMPro module, but that yields 3 vertically-stacked modules, and also removes all formatting, so CSS-based formatting is ignored.  I've tried disabling MMPro and just using standard MetaMod, which yields a single module with correct CSS styling containing all three, but again stacked vertically, even when selecting Horizontal styling. I've tried outputting custom CSS from within the MetaMod module to create side-by-side divs, but of course MetaMod exits its DIVs gracefully once it hits the first return() and this would require two return()s.

Lastly, I've tried editing the template, to no avail.

Would love any insight on ways to correct this.

Using Joomla 1.5.18 and MetaMod 2.3 with MMPro installed and activated first in system plugins.

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Re: Modules displaying horizontally?

Hi djgwk,

This sounds like a case where MetaMod might be better off without MetaMod Pro - so you get a little more control over how the modules get included inside the MetaMod.

With MetaMod Pro, you're always going to end up with modules included into the module position just as if you had assigned them there without the MetaMod involved (in terms of any extra HTML involved).

Without MetaMod Pro, MetaMod will have a "wrapper" module (the MetaMod itself), then include the other modules inside itself. The styling of these inner modules can be modified with the use of the "style for included modules" dropdown, as I think you have already been doing.

I would try to use the module class suffix, and the "style for included modules" to my advantage. Put in a module class suffix (e.g. "-horiz"), set the style to one of the options like horizontal, then use FireBug on Firefox to inspect the CSS for the html of the modules. With a little trial and error you may be able to come up with some CSS rules that can style the 2 modules into left and right positions.

As a sidenote, don't forget that you can return more than one module id from a MetaMod "return" statement, by using quotes:

return "65,66";

Hope that points you in the right direction,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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Re: Modules displaying horizontally?


I am using Metamod pro and while trying to figure out how to display 3 modules horizontally I came across this posting that basically states that it would have been simple to do if I had been using Metamod (non pro version). It appears to be saying that the parameter "Style for included modules" has no effect in Metamod Pro which is what I am seeing, at least as far as the "horizontal" setting is concerned.
If my interpretation is correct then I would like to suggest that a future version of Metamod Pro include the option to have Metamod Pro behave as Metamod (non pro) and use those parameters. I am picturing a check box to activate Metamod (non pro) functionality and the parameters being enabled or disabled.

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