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2 Modules into 1 Module via MetaMod + Modul-Class-Suffix?

2 Modules into 1 Module via MetaMod + Modul-Class-Suffix?


im trying to re-organise my menu structure.
I would like to put 2 menus together to one big menu, which is still getting surrounded by my ordinary menu style.
While leaving these 2 menus alone, the css style called -box box-grey is working fine.

Letting MetaMod Pro combine these to modules, unfortunately doesnt show me the configured styles, while using the modul-class-suffix.
Is it because metamod doesnt read my template css file?
Do I have to point metamod somehow to my css file, or do i have to write a new one, so metamod is able to read the style correcty and surround my naked menus with the chosen style?


edit: some dbug infos:

Seiten Identifikation
Der folgende PHP-Code kann verwendet werden, um MetaMod zu helfen, die genaue Seite zu identifzieren, die Sie betrachten. Für Hilfe zu diesem Feature klicken Sie bitte hier.
if (
$option == 'com_content'
and $view == 'frontpage'
and $Itemid == '1'
and JRequest::getVar('limit') == 6 /*!*/
and JRequest::getVar('layout') == 'default' /*!*/
) return XXX; /* Ersetzen Sie XXX mit der Modul-ID oder Modul-Anzeigeposition */
Achtung: Zeilen, die mit "und" und/oder mit /*!*/ enden, enthalten Regeln, die optional sein können. Sie können diese auslassen.
MetaMod Debug-Information:
$option: com_content
$view: frontpage
$Itemid: 1
$timezone: default
$language: de-de
$language_code: de
$language_region: de
Eingebundene Module: 96, 17

edit²: using metamod 2.2c + joomla 1.5.14 Stable

edit³: solved by using ElastiMenu (which can be found on this page).
Pretty awesome and easy to use mod. Thanks @ Developer wink

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02-Jun-10 11:23:57

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