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Falang issue

Falang issue

Hi Stephen,

as soon as we setup a rule for one our domains, when we visit the site using the other domain and visit pages translated using Falang it returns a 404. Reading the change log it states the order of the plugins is very important and should be automatically addressed when installed. However could you clear state what should be the right order?

Kind regards, James

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Re: Falang issue

Hi James,

I've just looked up some correspondence I had with another user with Falang, where the order of plugins caused issues with menu items not being translated. That particular issue was fixed in Chameleon 2.65. Can you confirm if you have updated to the latest Chameleon?

Essentially it's a simple issue: the order of the system plugins is very important for both Falang and Chameleon. When Chameleon is installed or upgraded, it does some checks for common plugin ordering issues, and reorders where necessary. Falang is rather more aggressive: it has a fixed idea of what ordering they should be in, and reorders them even when you just go into the Falang back-end to do some translation.

The complication is how best to make the 2 systems coexist. What I did in v2.65 is to make Chameleon detect Falang and to use a different re-ordering scheme which will match how Falang does it, so that the 2 don't clash with each other.

If you are using the latest version of Chameleon, and if we're talking about the same ordering problem, then it's possible that Falang has slightly changed the way it handles reordering, and I may need to alter Chameleon again.

Can you please confirm:
1- Chameleon version
2- Falang version
3- Your current ordering of system plugins belonging to Chameleon, Falang, and any other system plugins to do with SEF URLs?


Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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