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Erro "Save failed" when i enable rules

Erro "Save failed" when i enable rules

I Stephen,
I use chameleon Pro.
I create a rule for blocking entire site from country but i have this message : "Save failed with the following error: Maximum (20)" redirects followed when i gwant to edit and save an article.
It works when i disable the rule.



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Re: Erro "Save failed" when i enable rules

Hi Mande,

sorry for the delay in responding to your question.
Could you please describe what your rule actually does at the moment? e.g. is it using GeoIP to detect the country? Then what action is performed when it detects that country? e.g. is it sending people to a particular URL?

I think there might be a couple of things going on:

1 - you may be redirecting people to some sort of landing/error page on your site when they are from a certain country, but on that page Chameleon is again redirecting them back to that same page, making a loop. If this is the case, then you should make a rule in Chameleon that goes FIRST in the list, that detects if people are landing on that page. In the Succeed action, use "quit rule chain" so it allows people to reach that page and doesn't continue on to the next rule that detects their country and redirects them again.

2 - as to why this is happening when you try to save an article: I wonder if you have some condition set up in Chameleon that's catching this page instead of the GeoIP country? Carefully check through all the conditions in the rules you have set up to ensure that hasn't happened. Also try turning on Chameleon's Debug mode (in the Options panel) and watch the debug output to see what conditions are being checked.

Also, if you use 301 redirects then your browser can sometimes cache these. So if you were doing some testing and happened to test a 301 redirect for your own country, then some browsers will aggressively cache that redirect, and won't even send a request to the server if they think that the reply will be a 301 redirect: they will just go directly to the destination page that was cached.

To clear that, clear your browser cache or switch to a new browser and try again.

Hope that helps

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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