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Using component recipe but doesn't appear on all pages

Using component recipe but doesn't appear on all pages

Hi I've used the metamodpro module to display a left Hand side menu module on a component/page using this recipe
if ( $option == 'com_specialists' ) return 160;

to appear on this component/page
https://www.slc.org.au/index.php?option … Itemid=410

That seems to work fine - but if I search a specialist on that page (by choosing a speciality and clicking search, it goes to another page and the module disappears.
The search page still has "com_specialists" in its title so I was expecting the module to also appear on that page.

I've also turned on the mod advanced debug and used that code but it still didn't appear.

Could you please offer some advice how I might be able to get around this.

regards Karl

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Re: Using component recipe but doesn't appear on all pages

Hi Karl,

I wonder if you have the MetaMod assigned to some particular menu items, that don't include the final page you ended up on? Try temporarily assigning the MetaMod to "all pages" and see if you can get the debug info to show up.

Also check on any caching that you have enabled on the site. Perhaps the final page is being cached in some way, or the module position is cached, etc? Switch off any caching and/or empty caches using the cache manager. If you can't get the debug info then the MetaMod isn't operating at all so you need to crack that one first.

Lastly, it's possible that stray invisible characters in the PHP box in MetaMod can prevent the MetaMod from displaying any content at all including the debug info. So if it appears to have completely stopped working, delete everything from the PHP box and switch on debug mode, and that at least rules out the possibility of PHP errors preventing output.

Best regards

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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