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Will Metamod work for me?

Will Metamod work for me?


I have an issue with a new service i'm looking to make live.  The issue seemed pretty simple, but I cannot find a way round it!

Problem: I have a map page where users can submit a location, description and other basic information.  This is information is then used to create a pin on a central map that shows all the pins.  Other users can then click on the pin, which then takes you a page that only shows you information specifically about that pin.  The central map page is a menu item. The page for each pin don't have a menu id and are child objects to the map page.  What I want to do is show a module on the page for each pin and not the central map page, but cannot find any way to do this using Joomla itself.  Can only assign the module to the main map page. Have been trying to find a way to use template override, but that didn't work and my programming skills are limited to basic style modifications. I want a robust solution and not something I manage to hack to get working - needs to be supportable and require no hand holding once live.

Can Metamod help me?

cheers peter

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Re: Will Metamod work for me?

Hi Peter,

yes, you will be able to do this with MetaMod in a supportable (but hopefully no hand-holding) way.

The approach to this I would recommend is to use elements of Joomla's internal query string to determine whether the page is on the parent map page or on the child pages. With a snippet of PHP you can detect these and use these to trigger the modules to be displayed or not.

The easiest way to determine the internal query string (i.e. when SEF URLs are being used) is to install the free MetaMod, place one on the map page, and enable MetaMod's Advanced Debug mode. This then outputs some PHP code on the front end, corresponding to the exact page it is on. You (or I can help) can modify this as necessary to detect when the user is on the child page.

So can you do that, and post in a reply in this thread the MetaMod Advanced Debug output results from (1) the parent page, and (2) the child page, and I can modify that to a robust piece of PHP which will always detect all child pages of that parent?

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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Re: Will Metamod work for me?

Brilliant, thank you Stephen for  coming back to me.  I'll get that sorted later today. cheers Pete

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