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The tittle don´t work fine in one module with metamod

The tittle don´t work fine in one module with metamod

In web http://cucuttemp-cp145.webjoomla.es/ind … Itemid=673

The module Categorias on the left dont appear fine. I don´t see the title fine. i don´t see the normal title of the module, i see other and the normal don´t see. The others modules work fine but not this. I need your help to see the normal tittle.

You can see the code:
<div class="module mod-box deepest">
<h3 class="module-title"></h3>
<div class="sm-parent">
<nav id="off-menu_175" class="off-menu_175 sm-menu sm-tree">
<h3 class="sm-head">
<span class="sm-back sm-arrow" title="Anterior"></span>
<span class="sm-title" style="transform: matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 53, 0);">Categorias</span>

<div class="sm-levels">

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Re: The tittle don´t work fine in one module with metamod

Hi mknofler,

Are you using MetaMod Pro or the free version?

Here are the settings that control the layout:
1 - "Show title" - standard Module parameter
2 - "Style for included modules". I would suggest setting this to "inherited" but other styles may work better/differently.
3 - "Style override for included modules". Probably leave this blank.
4 - "Module Style" in the Advanced tab. I'm not sure of the interaction of this with [2] but I normally leave this as Inherited. It's worth experimenting with this to see if it affects the Title.
5 - in the Advanced tab, "Module Tag", "Header Tag" and "Header Class" - these may affect the title, but I don't know if there's any way they could actually remove the contents of the title.
6 - "Module class suffix" (Advanced tab). Often templates use this class suffix to change the way that they render the module, including things like the title.

Overall, I think that if there's only 1 module that is not showing the title properly, then this may be something to do with the template and module class suffixes.
Try looking at a module that displays the title properly, and see if it has a module class suffix. If it does, use that same class in the MetaMod as well. Also try using any other settings from the one that works (in the Advanced Tab) in the MetaMod.

If all else fails PM me some login details for your site and I'll take a look at it for you.

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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