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Having trouble with hiding/showing featured content

Having trouble with hiding/showing featured content

I'm doing a company intranet site. They have offices around the world. I'm trying to get the Canadian content only to show in the Canada.
I've tried to hide Canadian content from US users as:
config tab: Enable GeoIP/Geocity to GeopIP Country (free)
Quick Rules Tab: Only these Countries: US
Content & Components Tab: Page Type: Featured, Category Handling: Exclude categories & their Articles; Categories: Canada
and the featured article in the cateogry "Canada" still shows on the home page.
I can successfully hide/show a menu item called "canada" but the featured content handling doesn't seem to be working. Help, please.

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Re: Having trouble with hiding/showing featured content

Hi ibrent,

The first thing to note is that the "Exclude categories and their articles" control does NOT somehow automatically prevent access to those pages. All it does is to IDENTIFY those pages (categories/articles) so that the ACTION will occur when someone views any of those items.

You can use this to prevent people viewing those pages however. You just need to decide what action you want it to perform when someone goes to one of those pages. I would suggest that you make an error page (e.g. make an article containing an error message), then use the Redirect action to redirect to that page when someone from the US visits one of the forbidden pages.

- rule detects GeoIP of people in US
- rule detects pages by INCLUDE categories and their articles: use this to detect the "forbidden" pages
- Succeed action does a redirect to the error page.

There are 2 other scenarios you probably need to consider:
1 - any menu items that point to the "forbidden" pages - you should make a rule to detect US visitors, and use the "unpublish menu items" control in the Succeed action to hide these
2 - if your home page is a "featured articles" page but you don't want US people to see that, but to instead see a different home page, then you can do the following:
2a - create an alternative home page (specifically for the US) and make it the next menu item after the normal home page
2b - assign modules etc to this page to make it look the way it should do for the USA
2c - make a Chameleon rule and put it 1st in the list of rules. Detect Geoip "US". In the Succeed action, use the "Default menu" control to select this alternative home page. When you do this, if the person is from the US, they will get the alternative home page.
2d - also in this new rule, use the "unpublish menu items" control to unpublish the standard home page, so people from the US don't see that menu item at all.

So in this case you now have 2 Chameleon rules:

- The first detects US and swaps the default (home) page (menu item) AND hides any other menu items.
- The second catches anyone from the US visiting pages they should not, and redirects them to an error page.

I hope that helps,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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