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how to give mod priority on specific pages?

how to give mod priority on specific pages?

Hi, I have a metamod in top position on the sidebar for all my virtuemart pages, but now I want to give priority to a new module on 2 of my pages. How can I do that? Because simply setting the new module to #1 position in the Joomla CP doesn't give it priority over the metamoded module...

Researching my issue more, I'll refine my question: can metamodpro enable me to give a module a negative ordering value? That seems to be the only way I can see to give my new module priority over the other one ( which is presently in order position #1)

...failing that, can Chameleon solve my problem?

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Re: how to give mod priority on specific pages?

Hi Tap21,

The way that MetaMod is supposed to work is that the included modules get "inserted" into the page in the module position and in the ordering that the MetaMod module has been assigned. That is, the MetaMod gets replaced by the modules that it includes. You can move the ordering of the MetaMod in the same way you would reorder any other modules, either while editing it (use the dropdown box to select the new position within the ordering), or reorder things in the list of modules in the module manager main list page.

If you are finding that moving the ordering number of the MetaMod is NOT moving the ordering of the other modules, then you may have struck some sort of bug in Joomla.

In Joomla 2.5 you can edit the ordering this way:

- go to the module manager
- use the "select position" dropdown box to select the module position you want to reorder
- click on the column heading that says "ordering" to sort by that column. Notice how a little save icon appears to the right of the column heading.
- if there is more than one item with ordering "1" (which is quite common), then type in "0" for the top one e.g. the MetaMod, and click on the save icon. The system should renumber them starting from 1 and going up incrementally.
- the system appears to accept negative ordering numbering, so you could use that too. When you save the new ordering, negative numbers are unchanged and the rest are renumbered starting from 1.

I hope that helps - it's not really a MetaMod issue as far as I can see.

Stephen Brandon
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