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Hello there,
I'll try to describe my problem in details and I hope a sollution would be offered. Or if I'm not doing something as I should, I hope you will tell me what's the wrong.
So, in the home page of my web site  want to be displayed a picture (let's say we call it "A") when you are not logged in, and another (picture "B") when you are logged in. I've created two custom HTML modules - one for picture A and one for picture B. I put the modules in possitions "content6" and "content8" respectively. I inserted the following PHP code in the Metamod Module:

if ( MM_NOT_LOGGED_IN ) return "content6";
else return "content8";

The first picture is displayed when you are not logged in, but the second doesn't appear when you login. I've tryed with the module IDs instead with the module positions but result is the same. Do you have any idea why?
I'm using Joomla 1.5.15 and Metamod 2.2c


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Hi ex3mist,

sorry to hear that's not working for you.

This is probably a basic setup issue... here are a few things to check:
1 - I assume that the module positions content6 and content8 don't actually exist in your template, right? If you are going to use this method for MetaMod then we don't want those 2 modules to show up in any other way except by being included by MetaMod. So ensure you are not placing them in module positions that actually exist in the template.

2 - you should be able to place the 2 target modules into the same bogus module position, and refer to them by ID. Try putting them both into "content6" and just returning the ID numbers.

3 - Have you checked that your "content8" module actually works at all? i.e. if you assign it to a real page in a real module position (not using MetaMod) does it show up?

4 - Are the settings on the 2 target modules exactly the same? e.g. enabled/disabled, menu allocation etc? Strictly speaking these don't matter, as the modules should get auto-enabled as they are included into MetaMod, and the menu allocation of the target modules should get overridden. But if you know that the modules are identical in every way, there's some reassurance that the error lies elsewhere.

5 - you say that when the user is not logged in, the correct module shows. Does that module disappear when a person logs in?

Lastly, try turning on Advanced Debug mode, and see it that gives you any useful output.

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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