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Metatemplatepro not work - custom templates

Metatemplatepro not work - custom templates

I cannot get metatemplatepro to work with my custom templates.

I have two custom templates. I want to switch between them depending on what menus are being used. I can set either as my default template in metatemplatepro and switch between it and a default Joomla template, but not between my two custom ones. Only the custom template set as default in metatemplatepro can be shown in the front end.

My two custom templates only differ from each other by having different content in a table in the index.php file, different template name in the parameters file and different template name in the templates folder (which matches the name in the parameters file). Otherwise they are duplicates of the same template.

This is the second web site using custom templates that I have been had difficulty using metatemplatepro with - the first I also could not set any rule based on menus but was able to switch based on components.

There are no previous active rules set up.

BTW: It would be helpful if the visible part of the forum textbox for inputting data was bigger! Please test it to see what I mean...

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Re: Metatemplatepro not work - custom templates

Hi Suzanne,

Sorry to hear you having problems with this. I want to get to the bottom of it, and get it fixed.

A couple of things to note:
1 - when you set the default template in MetaTemplate, this is equivalent to setting the default template using the normal Template Manager. I just wanted to make a quick way to see what the default was, and to change it, while working with rules. (just FYI).

2 - You say that the names of the templates are the same in (i) the parameters file, and (ii) template name in the templates folder. Can I ask for more details of that? i.e. when these are installed, there should be the name of the main folder, e.g. /templates/my_template/*, and in templateDetails.xml there should be a line that says <name>my_template</name>.

Are the 2 names there absolutely identical? e.g. exactly the same case? If there are spaces in the one in the templateDetails.xml, they are probably changed to an underscore _ in the folder name.

If the names are different, it's possible that MetaTemplate is using the wrong one. With the built-in templates, their names are absolutely identical in both, so the issue wouldn't show up.

Lastly, if we can't get to the bottom of this, then would it be possible for you to send me one of the custom templates so I can debug it at my end?


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