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Menu in the wrong language and rule cookie issue

Menu in the wrong language and rule cookie issue

I have a few major problems with Chamelelon and I am not sure if it’s just a misconfiguration issue:
1.    I use the component on a bilingual site with Falang and after enabling the rule the menu goes wild always displaying the main language even in the translated pages.
2.    Apart from the above main issue, I am not able to keep sessions active with cookies.
I followed the instructions here http://www.metamodpro.com/chameleon/doc … il-actions but the session cookie does not seem to work.
This page should display (in the wrapper content) a different template (protostar) it works but only for the first page, all the other pages are displayed with the default template.

Am I doing something wrong?
The uses Jotcache and SH404sef. I set SH404SEF plugin order before Chameleon as suggested in the forum, yet every time I enable Chameleon rule the wron language menu appears.
Thanks for the help.

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Re: Menu in the wrong language and rule cookie issue

Hi polimedia,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. It's quite a complex setup with some scope for setup problems.

In (1), you mention "the menu goes wild". Does that mean only that the wrong menu appears, or are there other layout or content issues in the menu? Sometimes if there are PHP warnings or errors reported this can mess up CSS styling which is extra visible in menus. In that case, turning off all PHP error/warning reporting can often help, at least to isolate if that's the problem.

I think I have actually seen this issue with the menu not getting translated, but I can't remember what the solution was... it's probably a plugin ordering issue of some sort. Does Falang have a system plugin for its database functions? If so, try ordering that before the main system Chameleon plugin and that may affect it.

You also mention that you can't get sessions to work, and it seems to forget the session after the 1st page. This is where Chameleon's Debug mode comes in handy. You can find that in the Options panel in the Chameleon rule chain page.

When you turn on Chameleon Debug mode, you get a list of the steps that Chameleon is taking, in the front end of the site. I suspect there may be an ordering issue in the Chameleon rules. You should be able to isolate that quickly with Debug mode.

I hope that helps,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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Re: Menu in the wrong language and rule cookie issue

Hi Thanks for your tips, unfortunately no solution yet.
Regarding the menu issue, the only way to stop the issue is disabling the 2 rules I created in Chameleon.
I was using Falang yesterday but now I tested the same issue using Artio Joomsef which has a proprietary language plugin (which I placed as first System plugin).
Even worse, it looks like template change is confused in Jotcache cache. So a new user accessing the home page is served with the wrong template.
My second point instead (sticking session) seem to be solved even if I see the desired/wrong template even too often now.
All in all I fear this site is too complex to run successfully Chameleon. Maybe it's because Chameleon is even too feature rich for us, all we need is serving a different template to users landing on a excact page only if sent by a specific referrer.
I am afraid I will have to ask for refund as the extension cannot work as I expected in our environment.
Sorry for wasting your time

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