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I bought chamaleon pronlem in order to solve two of my problems.

1)i am using chapelco template so i can choice just one menu to show from template backend setting. I have two usertype on my site and i would like to show the menu item "A" only to the menu of one of usertype but without restricting te access (access must be pubblic). On this way othet user will not see this menu item in own menu but if. He will navivate across it he will vet the access.
I did it using chanaleon ok the menu is hidden properly but, if  with same usertype (that shouldnt see that menu item) i write in the url that page i am able to access it (correct) but after that the menu item appear in the menu. Why?

2) i am using two trmplate on my site. Template is the same but just change the header layout cause for loggedin user most of header layour is taken by menu while for guest menu is very little but most of the space is taken from
Login module on the header. So i just changed the eader layout beraren that template. I have a page that have a link as www.mysite.com/component/communityquiz that is using template for guest and so header is displaying very bad. I tried eirh chamaleon to assign loggedin template but this not affect. Why?

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Re: Help

Hi Taragnolini,

Thanks for reporting these issues, and I'm sorry to hear you've had some problems getting it to do the intended things.

Both issues (1) and (2) are unusual. I certainly wouldn't expect a menu item to start to show up just because you typed it in the browser... I just tested this and at least on my test site this doesn't happen. So in this case it looks like either (i) the detection is somehow not set up to detect the page when it's on the disabled menu item, or (ii) you have the system page cache enabled and you are actually seeing a cached version of the page.

Could you please check to see if the "System - Cache" plugin is enabled, and if so, disable it and test again?

If that's not the problem, then you can use Chameleon's debug mode to find out what's going on. To enable this, go to the Options panel for Chameleon which can be found on the Chameleon Rule Chain page and also on the Chameleon Config page. In that panel, turn on debugging. Note: this is not the same as debugging in the Global Configuration of Joomla.

Once this is turned on, take a look at the front end of your site when you request the "disabled" menu item, and there should be quite a lot of debugging output. It describes each of the conditions that Chameleon attempts, and the results, then the actions that it performs. From this, you should be able to see why some of the rules are succeeding or failing, and it should help you to track down which rule is responsible for showing (or not hiding) the menu item that you want hidden.

(2) Debug mode should be useful for this too, to see why your rule is not detecting this page. There are several ways you could use to detect that page. One would be to detect the community quiz component, and the other would be to detect the page by URL (e.g. URL contains mysite.com/component/communityquiz). It's possible that the rule is set up right, but Chameleon is not getting to that rule because of the results of previous rules. Debug mode should make it very clear what's going on.

Hope that helps - debug mode rocks!

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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