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MaxiMenuCK / Artisteer workaround?

MaxiMenuCK / Artisteer workaround?

Building a new website at ocrfm.winchwebsites.com.au - so far as I can tell, MaxiMenuCK & Artisteer-generated themes aren't compatible. I'm using MetaMod as a means to hide certain modules on mobile devices, and it's working fine for everything except MaxiMenuCK. Everything in the website is the latest version (except today's Joomla update!)
What I DID want to do is use MetaMod to activate MaxiMenuCK's Top Menu module only for mobiles, or activate the standard Top Menu for everything else. It does, BUT on the desktop if you scroll down to the bottom you'll see what happens when MaxiMenuCK is active - a long list of text-only menu items.
I've checked the MetaMod Pro plugin is the first in the plugin order. Any ideas on why this is still appearing and how to stop it? In theory, the MaxiMenu module shouldn't even be active (set to appear on No Pages) unless MetaMod makes it active ie. on mobiles.
Suggestions/ideas welcome...

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Re: MaxiMenuCK / Artisteer workaround?


I've just had a look at your site and it looks like it's pretty close to working. What I see is:

- on desktop, the top menu uses some sort of responsive horizontal menu that becomes vertical at narrower width. I don't see any strange set of text-only menu items below it

- on mobile, the MaxiMenu has some text-only menu items at the top at wider widths, but at narrower widths there's a nice collapsible mobile menu at the top. Nothing strange below.

So did you manage to solve the problems already or am I missing something here?


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