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Can MetaMod do this with Mosets Tree?

Can MetaMod do this with Mosets Tree?

We've built a site with Mosets Tree and the client has requested that the display of featured items be at the top of all pages that include a category search: http://landauclients.com/hoa100/index.p … y/bus-dirt

What we want: If the user searches for Banking and California, the featured banks should appear at the top regardless of what state the bank is in. It should appear because the category Banking is part of the search.

Right now Mosets Tree displays featured items based on search parameters. So the only way to get the featured items to show up is to use a multi-select list and select all for that featured item's listing. So for state we have to select all the states for that featured item, same with Area of State, etc. Problem is, this becomes very cumbersome with city and zip code.

Can MetMod help me solve this problem? I would like a module that appears at the top and displays featured items for a particular category. It should display regardless of other search parameters the user enters. If that category is included as part of the search, then the module should appear. I have no problem creating one module for each category if this will accomplish my goal.

I just wanted to get the answer to this before I buy the Pro version.


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Re: Can MetaMod do this with Mosets Tree?

Hi Bonnie,

sorry for the delayed reply on this question.

I'm not completely familiar with the way Mosets Tree handles these things but I understand from what you wrote that it's possible to create a module that displays the Bank entries, or featured entries from any pre-selected category.

Now that you can create a module with the required information, MetaMod can get to work...

From what I understand, MetaMod would then have to examine the search parameters in the request, detect "Banking", and if found then display the target module.

Question for you: how is Banking specified in the search? Is it via a dropdown of keywords/categories, or part of a text search?

The easiest way to determine this is to do the following:

1 - install MetaMod (no need for Pro)
2 - create a MetaMod module and assign it to all pages and a valid module position
3 - in the MetaMod, enable "advanced debug" mode
4 - on the Mosets Tree search page, do the required search just like a user would do it
5 - copy and paste the PHP code output from the MetaMod (on the front end) into the forum here for me to have a look at.

Hopefully we'll see either a category ID being stated, or one of the URL parameters containing "banking california" which we can then parse with a line or 2 of PHP and trigger the target module based on that.

Over to you...


Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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