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show chat module mon-fri 8am-4pm only on certain virtuemart page types

show chat module mon-fri 8am-4pm only on certain virtuemart page types

We wanted to show a module that showed a chat icon

    only on certain virtuemart page types

    only mon-fri between 8am and 4 pm

The following seems to be working. I'd appreciate any comments/improvements.

This was on a j 2.5 site running the free meta mod

I had to figure out the server time offset. I basically played around until I figured there was a four hour offset.

I realize that I'm using 23:59 . I wasn't sure if 24:00 would work. In any event, we'll probably change that to end the chat icon display 15 minutes before the end of the shift.

I used a nested If statement. The first part checks the day/time. If it passes that, then it checks for virtuemart page types.


$vm = JomGenius("virtuemart"); // need this at the start of every rule

// This is to show the chat icon m-f 8-4. However
// we need to add 4 hours to offset for the server
// being set to UTC in joomla

if ($core_genius->inTimeSpan( "mon 12:00 - mon 23:59;
          tue 12:00 - tue 23:59;
          wed 12:00 - wed 23:59;
          thu 12:00 - thu 23:59;
          sat 00:01 - sat 14:00;
          fri 12:00 - fri 23:59") )   {

// If the date-time above is met, then the code
// below will only show the chat on certain
// virtuemart page types.

       if ( $vm->check( "pagetype starts with cart" ) ) return 124;

       if ( $vm->check( "pagetype starts with product" ) ) return 124;

       if ( $vm->check( "pagetype = category" ) ) return 124;

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