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Not displaying a module at all

Not displaying a module at all

Here is the URL in question http://dev.poudrewildernessvolunteers.c … ector.html . Now this is an article that is being linked from a category description and that category description is being shown in a blog-content-category layout format ('Trail Selector' at the top of this page: http://dev.poudrewildernessvolunteers.c … -park.html). I want all pages within the particular menu item to show a module EXCEPT this one. Now I have tried to do this in MetaMod, but of course you have to actually display the MetaMod module to make the rules work and I don't want the module to appear. Now I have thought about putting a conditional statement in that template module position but I am not sure that is the best way (and I am not really sure what the syntax would be). So this may not be a MetaMod question. I guess ultimately it would be nice if I could manually construct a route that would prevent a module position from showing up. Hope that all makes sense.
Of course I am just seeing that perhaps I could accomplish what I want in MetaMod Pro by putting the MetaMod module in another module position and using that to 'Not display' another module position on certain pages. But then again I might not be understanding that correclty.

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Re: Not displaying a module at all

Hi Sackerman,

I think what you are saying is that you have made a rule to prevent MetaMod from including the module on that page, but you don't want the empty module position showing up because it is forcing the template to allocate extra space for the column, right?

It would be possible to hack your template to achieve this, but depending on the complexity of your template and your PHP skills it can be challenging. I did this for a few clients until I got so frustrated by it that I tried to find a better way - eventually found it - and wrote MetaMod Pro. MMPro solves the problem transparently - no template hacking required - it's a much more elegant solution.

In your situation, once you installed MMPro then the "right" module position would not show up on this page unless either MetaMod included a module, or you had another module directly assigned to that position on that page.

I hope that clarifies things,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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