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No cookies, no debug

No cookies, no debug


I just installed metamod 2.2c on a Joomla 1.5.15 site.  Everything went smoothly and I've followed the quick-start but, I'm not seeing any evidence of metamod in the site.

I'm using the 'Cycle through different modules on consecutive page views'recipe from

My hope is to show one of my banner ads in the "Banner" position, cycling through the ads ordered as specified in the recipe.  I've created separate Banner modules for two ads and applied their IDs in the PHP recipe.

I've only modified the banner IDs so the recipe is now:
/* set a different "instance name" for each module that you want to show only once */
$instance_name = "module_counter1";
/* use as many or as few as you like, or "0" for no module */
$modules = array(108,119);
if (!isset($_SESSION[$instance_name]) ||
$_SESSION[$instance_name] == "") {
$_SESSION[$instance_name] = 0;
$index = $_SESSION[$instance_name] % count($modules);
$module_no = $modules[$index];
if ($module_no > 0) return $module_no;

I have the MetaMod module enabled for all menu items (I've even elected to show the title) and I've got Advanced Debug selected but, I don't see any evidence of module.
Other settings:
Position: banner
Access level: Public
Start date: 2010-01-12
Caching: No caching
Auto-enable included modules: Modules specified by ID

Web site (in development): http://02f1cf7.netsolhost.com/

Thanks for any help.
-Greg (cringing at the extremely likely possibility that I've overlooked something basic)

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Re: No cookies, no debug

Hi Gary,

ok, that's pretty weird... you should see *something* when Debug is on, even if the rules fail to include a module.

If you put any other module into the "banner" position, does it show up? (i.e. is the "banner" position definitely part of the template?)
Is the MetaMod definitely enabled?
Is it allocated to "All" pages?
Does it make any difference if you remove everything from the PHP box?

Hope one of those is the one,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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Re: No cookies, no debug

I was right! In that I knew I would be wrong.

Indeed, I was putting MetaMod into the wrong module position.

Just because I'm working with Banners doesn't mean I have to use the "Banner" position.  The proper position was the first item in the "Features" position. 

The system is working very well now, though I need to adapt the PHP more to fully address my needs (random first banner, remainder follow in order). 

Thank you very much for your help.

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