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Geo Redirect

Geo Redirect


We are running Joomla 3.2 and installed Chameleon 2.36. I have installed the GeoLite country database from you config area of the component. Then I made a rule that so basily have every other county except US redirect to another url:

Config: GeoIP Country
Quick Rules:

-Only These Countries: a1,o1,ad,ae,af,ag,ai,al,am,ao,ap,aq,ar,as,at,au,aw,ax,az,ba,bb,bd,be,bf,bg,bh,bi,bj,bl,bm,bn,bo,bq,br,bs,bt,bv,bw,by,bz,ca,cc,cd,cf,cg,ch,ci,ck,cl,cm,cn,co,cr,cu,cv,cw,cx,cy,cz,de,dj,dk,dm,do,dz,ec,ee,eg,eh,er,es,et,eu,fi,fj,fk,fm,fo,fr,ga,gb,gd,ge,gf,gg,gh,gi,gl,gm,gn,gp,gq,gr,gs,gt,gu,gw,gy,hk,hm,hn,hr,ht,hu,id,ie,il,im,in,io,iq,ir,is,it,je,jm,jo,jp,ke,kg,kh,ki,km,kn,kp,kr,kw,ky,kz,la,lb,lc,li,lk,lr,ls,lt,lu,lv,ly,ma,mc,md,me,mf,mg,mh,mk,ml,mm,mn,mo,mp,mq,mr,ms,mt,mu,mv,mw,mx,my,mz,na,nc,ne,nf,ng,ni,nl,no,np,nr,nu,nz,om,pa,pe,pf,pg,ph,pk,pl,pm,pn,pr,ps,pt,pw,py,qa,re,ro,rs,ru,rw,sa,sb,sc,sd,se,sg,sh,si,sj,sk,sl,sm,sn,so,sr,ss,st,sv,sx,sy,sz,tc,td,tf,tg,th,tj,tk,tl,tm,tn,to,tr,tt,tv,tw,tz,ua,ug,uy,uz,va,vc,ve,vg,vi,vn,vu,wf,ws,ye,yt,za,zm,zw

-Exclude these countries: us,um,a2


-Succeed Actions:
--Next action: redirect...
--redirect page: ignore
--redirect url: https://www.DOMAINNAME.com/

Fail Actions:
--Next action: Process next rule in chain

However no matter if the user is outside the US the redirect does not take place.

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Re: Geo Redirect

Hi narmbrust,

I can suggest a couple of things:

1 - is your server on a publically accessible IP address, accessed from a public IP address? If you are testing via (for example) a 192.168.x.x IP address then the GeoIP part of Chameleon will default to GB. So it's always best to test with the client and server on public IP addresses.

2 - in the Chameleon "Options" panel (e.g. from the Chameleon Config or Rules page), switch on "debugging: yes". Then view the front end of the site for bugging information to appear. Most templates should have a "message" placeholder in the template, where the messages will appear:

<jdoc:include type="message" />

Now, in the messages that appear, there will be info about which Chameleon rule is being run, and what the results are. You may find that due to a previous rule failing, the rule you mention above is not even being executed, or perhaps there's some other condition in the rule that you didn't notice, that is failing and preventing the succeed action from being executed. Whatever the case, the debug output should give you a much better idea of what's going on.

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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