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Part of the module still showing

Part of the module still showing

Hi there

Just installed your module, it's exactly what I need (can't believe this wasn't programmed into the orginal Joomla?!).  However I'm just having a slight problem, and was wondering if someone could help?

First of all, my basic setup:
Joomla 1.5.15
Metamod free v2.2c
Template - Yoo Theme "Flux"

I need 4 different modules ("Register" module created using Chronoforms and 3 custom HTML modules) to only appear to unregistered users.  I've set everything up as per the quick start guide (setup the "normal" module as it should appear, only changing the menu assignment to "none", then enabling a separate Metamod module for EACH of the four modules I wish to control, and simply using the "Quick module position" option to determine the action), and it's essentially working, appart from one major issue, and a side issue which may be related.

The issue is - after the user is logged in, you can still see the module "box".  The content is all removed, but the "box" outline is clearly there.  I'm guessing this may have somethign to do with the template?

In addition, my modules have "Module Class Suffix" modifications, which unfortunately don't show up once they are inside the Metamod module.  If I copy these class suffixes into the metamod module, they display correctly, however the "module class suffix" modifications of the module continue to display when the user is logged in (as per my main issue).

I tried fooling around with the "Style for included modules" drop-down box as suggested in a different post, however this didn't change anything for me.

Any help or helpful tips and advice would be GREATLY appreciated - the site is being launched in 5 days, so it's pretty urgent.

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Re: Part of the module still showing

Hi Sevenhelmets,

The basic problem is that when you have a module in a module (as is done in basic MetaMod), the MetaMod is going to get some default styling from the module position. This will happen no matter what MetaMod decides to include inside itself. There are often work-arounds with the CSS Class Suffix and the styles for included modules, but with more complex templates like Yoo/Rockettheme etc, these often can't be made to work unless you are a CSS genius...

That's the bad news. The good news is MetaMod Pro, which completely removes the *MetaMod's* module wrapping from the page. If the MetaMod contains nothing, the template won't see anything at all - no borders/html/css, and no hint it was ever there.

This will solve both of your problems. MetaMod Pro is available on this site.


Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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Re: Part of the module still showing

Ah, I knew it was something simple like that.  Ok, looks like I have no choice, your option is the only one out there for Joomla modules.  Thanks for the help!

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