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Bug - Chameleon does not supress menu if remember me option is checked

Bug - Chameleon does not supress menu if remember me option is checked

Many login modules have "remember me" option enabling the user to automatically login the enxt time they visit the site.

I have a chameleon rule that unpublishes 2 menu items for "logged in" users and shows 2 other different menu items for them. When a user who had checked "remember me" returns to the site, he sees all menu items - the ones that are for guests plus the ones for registered users - This breaks the menu and causes all menu items to display at once.
NOTE: If they refresh the page once the two unwanted menu items disappear. But I dont think thats right - the users should not see all the menu items as they wont even know that they need to refresh and its very unprofessional to leave the site like that. Thanks for your help

Please suggest a resolution to this bug.
I use Joomla latest version 3.1.X, chameleon 2.33. I dont have cache enabled and I dnt think cache applies to logged in users anyways if I am right! I dont have any compression or gzip turned on.

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Re: Bug - Chameleon does not supress menu if remember me option is checked

Hi Tijj,

there's a simple solution for this - move the "remember me" system plugin to a spot higher than the Chameleon system plugin. This means that the user will get transparently logged in BEFORE Chameleon gets to work. At present, Chameleon is testing for the presence of a user before the "remember me" plugin gets to log the user in, and this causes the results you are seeing.

That should fix the issue - if not please get back to me. I have a newer release version of Chameleon which resolves an issue that sometimes comes up in that situation.

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
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