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Error Loading module

Error Loading module

After running the Joomla 2.5.14 update and then updating Virtuemart 2.0.22c this started to happen.

Issue: You login to the site and have it keep you logged in. Return, let's say tomorrow, and you will see the menu at top is gone and no menu is displayed. Also there is an error on screen "Error loading module" Manually go to the login/logout page and logout. The menu will appear and you can then login and all is back to normal. I have experienced this as well as others on Google Chrome, FireFox and Safari. I have been using the module for some time now and this is new. I believe it is the paid version as well.

Any ideas why it is do this? The cache is off other than stuff that I cannot turn off.

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Re: Error Loading module

Hi PollenRanch,

I think I know what's going on.

When MetaMod "fires", the PHP code in it returns some module ids. These ids are looked up in the database, including some filters. One of the filters is that the modules have to be within the registered "view levels" of the current user. If no modules meeting these criteria (i.e. that have the module IDs returned from the PHP, AND that those modules are visible to the current view level of the user), then you get the error message.

This suggests that the target modules are not within the view levels of the user... and you're probably wondering why!

There's a system plugin that is supposed to log users in who have said that they want to stay logged in. If you place this FIRST in the list of system plugins, then I think this will fix things. That should then fire before the System MetaMod Pro plugin, therefore log the user in before MetaMod gets to process anything.

The plugin name is "System - Remember Me".

Hope that helps,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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