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Loops component on homepage

Loops component on homepage


I create rules for desktop and rules for mobile. One template for desktop, one for mobile.
Question: First i guessed it's not possible to only create rules for mobile, if there's not rules for desktop, because on my site in this case, only template of mobile appeared everywhere, true ?
Question 2: with the desktop rules, i've got loops with component modulix, component which allow to load in module a component ( mandatory for my site in order to load a cb search criteria).
Without chameleon, everything turn right and succefully. With chameleon, i've got a loops of component loaded in module, so impossible have a correct templating.
Do how encountered this kind of trouble ?
Do you have any idea about possible issue ?
Maybe it is possible to exclude component in rules ?
Thanks for replying.

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Re: Loops component on homepage

Hi adomi,

It's definitely possible to make separate rules for desktop and mobile. The easiest way is to set your default template as the one for desktop. Then, make 1 rule in Chameleon that detects "mobile", and in the "succeed action" set the template to use for mobile devices. Simple.

If that's not working properly, there are 2 things to check:
1 - are you using the system cache plugin? If so, that's probably the problem. Try disabling that and see if it works any better
2 - do your testing with completely different browsers. The results of the browser test are cached per session, so if you're just swapping user agent in a standard browser, then the change won't get picked up.

Question 2:
I haven't tried Modulix so have not come across that issue. Are you doing any redirects in your succeed or fail actions in Chameleon?  Could you please send me a copy of Modulix so I can test and see what's going on?

Yes, you could exclude some components in your rule, and that might help. You can do this in the PHP box in the rule (not in the actions). eg.

if ($option == 'com_community') return false; // force FAIL action
else return true; // SUCCEED action for all other components (as long as other conditions are met too)


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