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Menu items displaying when unpublished in a country because of CACHE.

Menu items displaying when unpublished in a country because of CACHE.

Hi Stephen,

I bought Chamaleon only for one purpose-  to block a few menu items in a country. I have upgraded to joomla 3.X and I have the same cache issue listed in this topic:


I use page cache (System cache plugin turned on) which I need to make the site load faster. The menu module cache is however turned off as I did not want the menu module to cache. I think page cache caches the entire page including the menu.  The issue is that people from the country I have blocked menu items sometimes see the menu items because of a cached copy from another country.

I tried jot cache to tell joomla system plugin not to cache the menu module position but I did not find an option in jot cache to do that. It just has a global exclude field to exclude urls from caching.

How can I solve this problem? I need to be able to use cache to improve page load speed and I need to block menu items completely in a country. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Menu items displaying when unpublished in a country because of CACHE.

Hi Tijj,

You can get JotCache to exclude certain module positions by edited your template and putting in some HTML comments around the place where that module position is defined. They have also brought out a version (3.0.2) that gives some GUI options for excluding module positions.

See http://www.jotcomponents.net/web-progra … -positions

also there's discussion on http://www.jotcomponents.net/web-programming/jotcache

You didn't mention what version of Joomla you are on, but check those URLs to see if there's a version of JotCache that can handle your situation.


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