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Ohanah compnents error after enabling metamod module

Ohanah compnents error after enabling metamod module

As soon as I enter a page where an ohanah module is installed I get server php errors. If I disable the Metamod pro plugin there is no issue and everything works fine, unpublishing the metamod module does not resolve the issue only disabling the metamod plugin does.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class JModuleHelper in /home/content/65/9191965/html/components/com_ohanah/templates/filters/module.php on line 727

This is one of the errors

link: http://www.glazzny.com/events and then click on guest list which is link to an ohanah event registration

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Ohanah compnents error after enabling metamod module

Hi Ray,

It appears that both ohanah and MetaMod Pro are redefining the JModuleHelper class. This is likely to be a fundamental problem in using both together.

A little history: Several years ago, I and a couple of other top Joomla extension developers (NoNumber.nl and Joomlart) concluded that there were some things that we wanted to be able to control to do with modules, but the core Joomla system did not allow plugins to control these things. We therefore agreed on a common new version of the module helper class (JModuleHelper) that added plugin control. Each of our components override the code JModuleHelper with our altered class, then each of us has our own plugins that make use of the changes in that file.

We would be more than happy for other people to use our modified version. If the ohanah people get in touch I will send them what we are using.

For you, for now, this means that you will not be able to use ohanah with Joomlart templates, or NoNumber's Advanced Module Manager, or MetaMod Pro. If you would like to send me ohanah's version of the JModuleHelper file I'll see if I can make some edits to that to include the plugin points and that could provide a temporary way to go forward.

Could you please contact the Ohanah people and explain the situation? We will all benefit if they were to adopt our plugin solution. I suspect they have other people complaining to them about incompatibilities with some of the other products I mentioned.

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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