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Exclude right column showing in component?

Exclude right column showing in component?

how to exclude right column from showing in particular component?

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Re: Exclude right column showing in component?

If it's an entire right column, then you able to do this without MetaMod by editing your template (depending on template!). Many of the Template Club templates based on complex frameworks may not make this easy to do.

Anyway, if you are able to, then you can check the component in PHP using this:

if ($option != "com_maianmedia") {


... and that would have to fit in with the other PHP and HTML in the template. If you know some PHP then that is usually quite straight forward.  "!=" means "not equal".

If for some reason this is not possible with your template (or cos it exceeds your PHP capability), then you can also do it with MetaMod. You almost certainly also need the Pro version for this, for technical reasons!

Assuming that your right column already disappears(collapses) when there are no modules assigned to it...

1 - use MetaMod Pro
2 - put just 1 module into the right column module position: the MetaMod.
3 - put all the other modules that *were* in the "right" position into a new position called "right-metamod".
4 - in the MetaMod, use the following rule:

if ($option != "com_maianmedia") return "right-metamod";

What happens then is that the MetaMod gets run any time a new page is constructed. It checks to see if the component is NOT maianmedia. If it's not, then it pulls in all the modules from the "right-metamod" position and puts them into the same module position as the MetaMod.
And because you are running Pro, then if the MetaMod does *not* return any other modules or positions, then even the MetaMod itself disappears from the page, and the right column is able to collapse. Magic.


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