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GeoIP-based MetaMod module unreliable with CloudFlare?

GeoIP-based MetaMod module unreliable with CloudFlare?

MetaMod version:  Latest
Joomla: 1.5.9
Site: Shadowlocked.com
Other modules in use: SH404 SEF and various

Having finally gotten two country-specific modules to show up only in their respectively assigned countries, I find that my site's use of Cloudflare makes the results patchy. I don't really understand why, as Cloudflare should take a US cache snapshot that serves up my US module, and no other.

I am beginning to think that the only way to get genuine guaranteed GeoIP-distinct ads or modules is to disable every possible form of caching, from Cloudflare to Joomla 1.5's own cache (which I have found impossible to turn off, despite much internet research).

I have tried with JotCache turned on and off, and still there is no guarantee that a US module won't show up in the UK or vice-versa.

Of course caching is turned off on both the MetaMod module wrappers. Can anyone help with this? Has anyone been in this sitution and resolved it?

BTW, as I write, the 'test' module indicator is a US flag that is supposed to show up at the bottom of the right-hand column for US viewers. UK viewers get the Union Jack. Usually...

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Re: GeoIP-based MetaMod module unreliable with CloudFlare?

Hi Martin,

yes, caching and GeoIP are very difficult, but not impossible to get working together. On one site I have a modified version of JotCache working with Chameleon to create separate caches for different GeoIP-based countries. On another site I just explude particular module positions from being cached with JotCache.

With JotCache, don't forget that you can put an HTML comment around any module positions that you don't want to be cached, and JotCache will then execute that module position for every page request instead of using a cached version. It means some small changes to your template's index.php. This is usually fine unless you're using some sort of complex template framework that may not give you access to put these HTML comments around the module position indicator.

See http://www.kanich.net/radio/site/jotcache for details, in particular the section labelled "Module positions excluded from page caching".

Best regards,

Stephen Brandon
MetaMod / Chameleon developer
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