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Sep 27

MetaTemplate and MetaTemplate Pro v1.7 released

Posted by: metamodguy

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A great update today — finally MetaTemplate is starting to crack the thorny problem of how to manipulate which menu items show in the menus at any given time...

In v1.7 you can now selectively un-publish/disable menu items from any menu, as a result of a MetaTemplate rule succeeding or failing.

Here’s what the SUCCEED action form looks like now:

When choosing which template to use, you just select any menu items that you want hidden when that page is displayed, from the select box.

The canonical example for this is having a menu with login/logout menu items on it, that you want to hide based on whether someone is logged in or not. Using MetaTemplate, this is now a simple operation.

Another good example is removing the “Home” menu link if/when you change the default menu item for your site. If you have several sub-sites, or if you’re using MetaTemplate’s ability to change template and Default Menu item for different sub-domains, then you’re often going to get some menu items that aren’t relevant. Using this technique you can just make them go away individually, and you don’t need to create completely a separate menu for each scenario.

There’s a bit more discussion of the feature and some other ways to tackle menu manipulation in this Forum post.

Also in this release: a bug-fix in the Default Menu Item handling, and a few other things mentioned in the Release Notes.

MetaTemplate Pro customers: download your FREE upgrade! Go to your My Account page, view your order, and download the new version from the link provided.

MetaTemplate users: download the new version from the Download page.