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Apr 08

MetaMod Pro and Advanced Module Manager Now Compatible!

Posted by: metamodguy

Thursday 8 April 2010

Stephen Brandon and Peter van Westen are pleased to announce new versions of MetaMod Pro (MMP) and Advanced Module Manager (AMM) which can now be used simultaneously to afford complete module control on Joomla! sites.

MMP and AMM both allow Joomla! administrators to assign modules with much more versatility than standard Joomla! allows. AMM provides a superb user interface to many common scenarios, while MetaMod and MetaMod Pro provide unparalleled flexibility in module assignment, including GeoIP Country and City detection, and the ability to dynamically alter the parameters of any module on the page.

Until today’s new releases, AMM and MMP were not able to be used on the same site at the same time. Because MMP and AMM are active on the same level, they got in each others way when both were installed — overruling each others methods.

Prompted by their customers who wanted to be able to use both products, Stephen (NZ) and Peter (NL) have been collaborating long-distance to get the two extensions to be compatible with each other. This meant rewriting core functionality of both extensions so that they do not come into conflict — no, now they even complement each other!

AMM v1.8.0 and MMP v2.2 are available separately from and

About MetaMod and MetaMod Pro

MetaMod was inspired by a sales demonstration of an expensive commercial CMS which was able to tailor information on the page depending on a tree of information: “If the customer has already made a purchase, and comes from X, then invite them to an event. If they come from Y, display a thank-you”. Stephen thought “Hey, I could do that with Joomla modules” – and MetaMod was born.

MetaMod Pro is a commercial add-on to MetaMod extending some of the core functionality and improving module layout.

On the MetaMod web site you will find hundreds of ways to tailor your Joomla! web site to display modules on different pages, at different times of the day, to visitors from different countries or cities, using different web browsers, and more, by using simple PHP syntax. MetaMod can even dynamically alter the titles, contents and parameters of displayed modules.

Brandon IT Consulting

Brandon IT Consulting was established by Stephen Brandon in 2001. Working with international clients in fields as diverse as Film Music composition and Christian Missions, Stephen now concentrates on Christian Missions ( and Joomla! extension development. Hallmarks of Stephen’s approach to software development are extreme customer satisfaction and a didactic, customer-driven approach.

Key Joomla! extensions include MetaMod and MetaTemplate, which give Joomla! administrators the opportunity to specifically target module content and site templates by date/time/GeoIP/user/page/referrer and many other factors.

About Advanced Module Manager

Advanced Module Manager started out as a little tweak to Joomla’s core module management to be able assign modules to an “exclude” selection of menu items, allowing modules to appear on all pages except the selected menu items.

Soon Advanced Module Manager grew and the assignment possibilities became larger and larger. Now Advanced Module Manager gives you the possibility to assign modules to sections, categories, articles, user groups, users, certain urls, and many more. With the added possibility to do a PHP evaluation as assignment, you can do virtually any assignment that is not already available.


NoNumber! is the name of the one-man-company of Peter van Westen. He offers a range of free Joomla! top-rated extensions that will make your life as web developer a little easier.

He does all the extension development and support in his spare time. Peter works (parttime) for a Christian Mission organization ( To make ends he also does some freelance web development work (NoNumber!). The possibility to contribute by buying commercial licenses for the extensions help Peter to put more time into the extension development.

One of his popular extensions is Advanced Module Manager.