The current version of Chameleon for Joomla 2.5-3.9 is v2.69, released 25 Sep, 2019
The current version of Chameleon for Joomla 1.5 is v1.19, released 3 Oct, 2011.

Existing customers: to download the latest version of Chameleon:

  • Go to your “My Account” page
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Click on “View” next to your confirmed order
  • Scroll down past the invoice until you see the Order Items section
  • Click on to download it.

ChameleonLite for Joomla 1.5 - Free Download

This page contains ChameleonLite releases for Joomla! 1.5. Please check back regularly for updates, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

You only need to download the most recent copy of ChameleonLite.

It’s simple to upgrade ChameleonLite. Don’t un-install your old version, just install the new version over the top of your old one. All your existing rules will be upgraded in-place.

Looking for MetaTemplate?

MetaTemplate has been renamed to ChameleonLite.
MetaTemplate Pro has been renamed to Chameleon.


# Documents Downloads Size MB Modified
1 ChameleonLite1.19

Chameleon gives you full control over when and where different templates and menu items are used on your site.

This download is for the FREE version, for Joomla 1.5 ONLY. The full-featured plugin with super-easy configuration and advanced configuration options can be purchased at

Changed in this version:
# improved detection of "article submit" pages
+ JomGenius for VirtueMart: added detection of previous purchase history, using the following keywords:
* previous_purchase_product_ids
* previous_purchase_product_skus
* previous_purchase_product_names
* previous_purchase_quantity_of_product_xxx where xxx is the product id.
+ Improved the "redirect" action: added debug logging and improved error checking
4766 0.200986 24.03.2014
2 ChameleonLite1.18

Changed in this version:
# improved JomGenius detection of VirtueMart page types, when viewing a VM menu item with a particular pagetype, productid or categoryid
# Fixed errors that occurred when setting custom HTML on RSS and AJAX (raw) documents
2471 0.200436 24.03.2014
3 ChameleonLite1.17

Changed in this version:
+ Added an IP address override for testing purposes. If you specify an IP address in the Chameleon Parameters, this is used for GeoIP country/city detection instead of the IP address of the client.
# Fixed a bug in GeoIP Country and City handling that prevented GeoCity detection if it was preceded by any other rule with GeoIP detection
+ Added ability to accept plugins for extra succeed/fail actions
+ Added ability to set page title, meta keywords, meta description, and arbitrary JS/CSS files to a page in the succeed/fail action
+ Updated GeoIP libraries to latest from MaxMind, including Continent detection, new countries, and improved region handling etc.
2381 0.200309 12.09.2011
4 ChameleonLite1.16
Changed in this version:
+ Changed name from MetaTemplate to ChameleonLite
+ improved time zone handling
2389 0.179586 29.08.2011
5 MetaTemplate 1.15
Changed in this version:
# fixed broken VM category handling in JomGenius
+ improved time zone handling
2490 0.174366 08.08.2011
6 MetaTemplate 1.14
Changed in this version:
# changes to "Active Menu" manipulation to make it work better with Joom!Fish language switching.

A modified version of the mod_jflanguageselection module is available on this site, and is a drop-in replacement for Joom!Fish's version of that module.
2666 0.174479 02.08.2011
7 MetaTemplate 1.13
Changed in this version:
# Fixed GeoIP integration when PHP has been configured with geoip support.

# Upgraded to JomGenius v8

JomGenius v7:
+ added "blackberry" as a browser type in core_genius

JomGenius v8:
+ added new pages to VirtueMart page detection: checkout.2Checkout_result, checkout.epay_result, checkout.ipayment_result, checkout.paysbuy, checkout.result (used in PayPal callback)
# increased maximum nested category level for "ancestor category ids" from 5 to 8.
2331 0.17438 14.06.2011
8 MetaTemplate 1.12
Changed in this version:
# Fixed a bug with GeoIP "city" detection
3662 0.173996 29.05.2011
9 MetaTemplate 1.11
New and changed in MetaTemplate 1.11:

# Fixed bug that happened when returning an exact template name from the PHP box.
2764 0.173996 21.02.2011
10 MetaTemplate 1.10
New and changed in MetaTemplate 1.10:

# fixed "Default menu item" in Succeed/Fail action
+ added ability to set the "active" menu item in Succeed/Fail action. This only affects the menu item that displays as "active" in any menus that are displayed on the screen, and doesn't affect the actual page being displayed.
2905 0.173909 25.01.2011
11 MetaTemplate 1.8
New and changed in MetaTemplate 1.8:

+ great new debug mode
+ update to JomGenius v7, including the follow changes:

+ added "!=" as a comparison operator
+ browser detection now includes blackberry
+ virtuemart: now detects page types even when the page is a menu item forced to a particular page type
+ virtuemart: added "ancestor_category_ids" which includes all ancestor category ids for all categories that a product is in
+ virtuemart: added "shop.registration" as a detected page type
# virtuemart: fixed obscure bug when retrieving category_ids
# general: fixed boolean comparisons which were not working
2532 0.173319 20.12.2010
12 MetaTemplate 1.7
New in version 1.7
+ You can now disable specific menu items when a rule succeeds or fails. e.g. disable a LOGIN menu item for logged-in users.
# Fixed bug when setting Default menu items
+ Checks for AceSEF during installation, to re-order system plugins accordingly.
+ The following PHP variables are now available for use in the PHP boxes in the SUCCEED and FAIL actions:

$app [ = JFactory::getApplication()], $core_genius, $content_genius, $menu_genius, $db, $user, $Itemid, $id, $view, $option, $menu [ = &JSite::getMenu()]
4247 0.166149 13.12.2010
13 MetaTemplate 1.6
New in version 1.6
+ added many new JomGenius options for VirtueMart. See JomGenius documentation for more information on using the following parameters in your MetaTemplate rules:

manufacturer_id, manufacturer_name, manufacturer_category_id, manufacturer_category_name, vendor_id, product_parent_id, product_sku, product_short_desc, product_desc, is_product_published, product_weight, product_weight_unit, product_width, product_height, product_length, product_measurement_unit, product_in_stock, is_product_special, product_discount_id, product_ship_code_id, product_name, product_sales, product_attributes, product_tax_id, product_unit, units_in_box, units_in_package, child_options, quantity_options
2886 0.16502 26.09.2010
14 MetaTemplate 1.5c
Changed in 1.5c:
# more fixes to JomGenius category and section support.
3594 0.164939 06.09.2010
15 MetaTemplate 1.5b
Changed in 1.5b:

# fixed a bug in content_genius when checking some section and category parameters
2397 0.164734 27.07.2010
16 MetaTemplate 1.5
Changed in 1.5:
- added JomGenius support
- implemented anti-XSS security throughout
- improved the downloading of MaxMind Country and City GeoIP databases. These should now work even with minimal memory assigned to PHP.
- when selecting menu items for redirection, any menu items that are in the trash or are disabled are now marked as such
- as a result of a rule SUCCEED or FAIL, you can now define a new "default" menu item. MetaTemplate will not redirect to this, but it becomes the default item to be opened when no other page is specified in the url, e.g. This can help with creating alternative entry pages for different subdomains.
- the SUCCEED and FAIL rules are now on the right hand side of the edit screen.
- On the Edit Rule screen, the "Duplicate" button at the top has been renamed to "Save Copy".
- Default ordering for the MetaTemplate Plugin is now -90 rather than -100
- Fixed sh404 integration
- Fixed some bugs that appeared on some versions of PHP (including PHP4)
- Time and date constants are now set before any of the rules are processed.
- Most if not all string functions are now UTF-8 aware
- Timezone functions no longer rely on setting the TZ environment variable, on PHP5
- Improved the obtaining of IP addresses for GeoIP functionality, when client or server is behind proxy
2709 0.164561 27.07.2010
17 MetaTemplate 1.4
Changed in 1.4:
- improved terminology and layout for SUCCEED and FAIL actions in rules
- improved terminology and layout for RULE CHAIN
- added ability to set up to 2 cookies / session variables instead of 1, per SUCCEED or FAIL action
- fixed session variable deletion
- when you return a template name from the PHP rule, you can now set cookies and session variables in the SUCCEED and FAIL actions (these were being ignored)
7014 0.138078 26.07.2010
18 MetaTemplate 1.3c
Changed in 1.3c:
- removed more debug code that was showing up when setting session variables. Sorry.

Changed in 1.3b:
- minor bugfix; removed some debugging code that caused rules to fail under some circumstances (and printed "res:" at the top of some pages)
3338 0.137724 15.02.2010
19 MetaTemplate 1.3
PLEASE don't use this version. Use v1.3b, above, which contains a bug fix.

Changed in this version:
* added the ability to set session variables. e.g. you could make it so that when someone comes to your site with a particular referrer, you set the site template and also set "Session variable A". Then you make a 2nd rule that detects Session Variable A, and sets the same template as the first rule. Therefore, the person will see the same template for the duration of the session.
* added "default PHP return value" to the PHP rule. This is so that you can set up your PHP rule so that unless you explicitly "return true;", the rule will implicitly "return false;".
* set the "Fail" action to fall through to the next rule by default.
3333 0.137593 09.02.2010
20 MetaTemplate 1.2
Changed in this version:
* added 1-click template duplication!
* added fix for VirtueMart "front page template" problem (see for more information)
* fixed Time Zone selection in component parameters
* added language strings for most of the interface, so it's now translatable
* rewrote some of the on-screen help and added hyperlinks
* fixed some issues on the configuration screen
* fixed template selection where the "internal" name of the template contained upper-case characters
3196 0.136479 08.02.2010
21 MetaTemplate 1.0
3524 0.099189 08.02.2010