The Rule Chain: Description

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1. Rule Name

Click on this link (1) to edit an existing rule. The name is arbitrary — it doesn't get displayed anywhere on the front end of the site.

2. “Published”

Published rules get run in sequential order when any page is requested in the front end of Joomla. You can quickly toggle a rule on/off by clicking on the icon in the “Published” column (2).

3 & 4. Success and Failure templates

These columns show which template the rule is set to return, if the rule succeeds or fails (or None if no alternative template was selected).

After the template name, you will see (Continue) or (Stop). This indicates whether rule processing will continue to the next rule (Continue), or will abort processing and not continue further (Stop). You can change these when you edit the rule.

5 & 6. Rule Order

The order of the rules is often crucial. Whenever you create a new rule it gets put to the end of the list, so you can use these controls to re-order the rules.

You can either shuffle individual rules by clicking on the up and down arrows (5), or by typing in new order numbers next to each rule and clicking on the save icon (6).

7. Delete Rule

To delete a rule or rules, first click in the checkbox next to the rules you want to delete, then click on the Trash icon (7).

8. New Rule

Click on this icon (8) to make a brand new rule, which will open in the Rule Editor.

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